The Churches of Granada

Tuesday morning, we spent the morning in a little inculturation experience. We walked around Granda touring their churches. It reminds me a lot of New Orleans. There are many parishes in the city within walking distance of each other. Some are run by the diocese and others are run by religious orders. The Salesian Parish is arguably the most beautiful in the city. The outside is stucco painted a Marian light blue alternated with white. Inside, the church’s distinctive dark wood monopolizes your eyes. The arches sustaining the roof and the pillars are of thick dark wood imaging the fact that the Church is built on the cross.


The Jesuit parish had a famous guest nearly hundred years ago now. Bl. Miguel Pro visited the parish not soon after he was ordained a priest. He returned to Mexico to commit himself to the heroic work of bringing the sacraments to Mexican Catholics during the Masonic run Mexican government. Padre Moises, the rector of the parish, allowed the seminarians a unique view of the city of Granada. At the top of the rectory, they had a panoramic view of the whole city. One seminarian said, “The churches are looking of the city like Christ looking over his flock.”


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