Christ in the City – Nicaragua

On Wednesday, we visited the infirm and sick of the parish in which we are working. This is the first relational experience with the poorest of the poor for these guys. It is an incredibly humbling experience to bring Christ in the Eucharist to those whose house is the size of my meager dorm room at the seminary. Made of sheet metal, various pieces of wood, and straw, their abode is very different than my own.


Yet, when Christ in the priest or deacon or seminarian, enters into the humble abode a joy incomparable manifests itself in their faces. For us bringing Christ, it is also a very humbling experience. Christ has chosen me, in my brokenness to bring Him to these broken people. Carrying the Eucharist through the dirt streets cluttered with trash, it felt like a small unassuming Corpus Christi procession. It puts a new spin on ‘Christ in City.’


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