To Be Pro-Life We Must Die

Deacon Kyle here again. This time I’m traveling with youth from throughout the Archdiocese of New Orleans to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life. There are 275 teenagers, chaperones, teachers, deacons, Nashville Dominican Sisters, and priests.

We are currently on the bus on the way to Washington. We’re watching Lion King coming soon for our dinner stop.

We aren’t just on a trip; we are on a pilgrimage. We have been praying and reflecting on what it means to be pro-life, on what we’re taking to D.C., what we’ve left behind, what we desire to be changed.

As I’ve been reflecting, I’ve come to a certain basic principle about being pro-life. To be pro-life we must die. This might not make sense, but bare with me for a moment. We recognize the dignity of each person only when we die to our own selfishness and see in each person, from conception to natural death, the image of God. To be pro-life is to be selfless and go out of oneself for the sake of another. This fundamental principle informs each human interaction and shines forth a culture of life.

Let us begin.


One response to “To Be Pro-Life We Must Die

  1. If my daughter, Sister Mara Rose McDonnell,OP, is with you please tell her hello and I love you. I am, as always, very proud of her and happy for the joy she has found in the service to our Lord.

    Nancy M Musser
    Hagerstown, Md

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