Our Lady of Guadalupe


It is apropos that we go on mission on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Americas. She is a uniting force that can bring us the Church together. She was the primary evangelizer to the native peoples of Central America. By her appearance, the ancestors of the people Nicaragua enter into the faith being baptized in droves. She is the glory of the people of America, a shining example of how Christ, in the womb of our hearts, can shine forth to the world.

It is an Anglo perception that tends to over intellectualize things and in some sense depersonalize things. Mary, in the faith of many Americans, is a theological concept. She is the mother of God. It was through her that God became man. We then owe her adoration and ask for her intercession.

In the faith of the Nicaraguan, she is a person, the mother of their faith. She is the protector, the guide, the love of their lives. They as their patron image, the Immaculate Conception. During the celebrations on December 8, they cry {WHO CAUSES US JOY!} {THE VIRGIN MARY!} This call and response is a communal cry of joy for the great gift of Mary in their lives.

Part of a mission is to compare, not in a self-conscious way, but in a way that allows for reflection on differences. This particular difference can excite within us Americans a deeper trust and relationship with Mary, the Mother of God. We don’t have the gift is this particular inculturation. It, then, becomes more difficult for us, but the effort to grow in relationship with her can only be more fruitful.

Your brother in Christ,
Deacon Kyle Sanders