Prayer Before Mission

There are many ways to start a mission trip, but there is only one proper way. It begins with prayer. Without connection to Christ, the mission fails. It’s such a witness to see the semiarians praying their breviary in the airport. Their holding a book foreign to the current airport fare of
Hunger Games and Steve Jobs. It has ribbons and a leather cover.


We began as we begin all things as Catholics in prayer. This experience will provide great opportunities for deep encounter with Christ, but first we need to be open to letting him in the home of our hearts like Zaccheus. We will be walking like Christ hoping to encounter our own Zaccheuses who are sincerely looking to encounter Christ. In our own gringo way, we can be Christ to small children on Christmas break playing in the streets, We can be Christ to the invalid who only receives the Eucharist once a month when the extraordinary minister comes to bring her communion. We can be Christ to a community very different our own like St. Thomas the Apaotle was to those in India.

To be Christ, we need to be rooted in Him. If we don’t pray, we don’t witness. If we don’t witness, we fail in our mission.

Please keep us in prayer as we go to the poor of Nicaragua to be a source of hope and joy in their lives. Pray for us that we may be open to the movement of the Spirit as we encounter Christ in each person we meet.

Your brother in Christ,
Deacon Kyle Sanders