What Do We Do Now?

We have now taken eight days out of the immediate experience of the United States. We encountered people in Nicaragua. I don’t mean that in some generalized way. One of the insights from one of guys was that when we left, we left relationships that we had created and fostered. We didn’t come down as powerful, selfish, look-at-me Americans in a world in desperate need. We came rather as Christ and in so doing we met with and came to know persons, Ramón and Juan Carlos, Walter and Padre Marcial, Rogerio and Doña Patrona. We are now connected by relationship. We gave ourselves down in Nicaragua and so now that we have returned we left part of ourselves down there.

At the same time though we received the great love of the Nicaraguan people a love that manifests itself through suffering. We come back with a much better understanding of the cross and much better understanding of the sacrifice of the mass that redeems through sacrifice. We come back men better formed for priestly ministry.

Yes, some of us have no longer take for granted what we have after walking into a home of 6 the size of our measly dorm rooms. Yes, some of us came back with a greater desire to serve the poor. Yes, some of us have returned with a greater sense of the universality, the catholicity of our great Church. Most of all, we have come back with an understanding that the priest goes out. He does not stand still or wait for the people to come to him. He lives the Incarnation with his ministry by going out a proclaiming the witness of his being, his actions, his words. He encounters the people of God where they are: in their homes, at the movie theatre, at Bud’s, at Herbsaint, in the schools. He takes to heart the words he proclaims at the end of mass, “Go forth the Mass is ended.”

Your brother in Christ,

Deacon Kyle Sanders